Review: The SILVERCREST SSRA1 AX EU robot vacuum cleaner offers V-SLAM tech ( the approach which allows robot to create a map on the fly and then backtrack to further explore the area without human interaction) at a budget price

As our lives are getting busier, cleaning our homes is getting more difficult for us. It is because now most of the families have every adult working, and getting some cleaning services is something that everyone cannot have. So, this makes it the perfect opportunity to bring innovation to the market. It is done with the help of the robotic vacuum cleaners.

These vacuum cleaners have a lot of different functionalities that make them very functional for the people. Especially the people with kids and pets can have a lot of benefits from these vacuum cleaners. There are a lot of options available in the market, and here I would like to discuss one of the best robotic vacuum cleaners that you can buy- SILVERCREST!

 Why SILVERCREST? Because my mom got it as a Christmas present and I wanted to make sure it is the right model for our home.

Let’s start!

What’s in the box?

The box contains everything you need to start your new life with your bionic butler. You get:

  • SSRA1 AX EU robot vacuum cleaner
  • Charging dock
  • Remote control with batteries
  • Power adapter
  • Cleaning tool
  • Screwdriver
  • User guide

There are also two side brushes, a main brush, the wheels, the battery pack, and the dustbin. So we have a pretty good device in terms of aesthetics.


It is a vacuum cleaner that provides the best Value for its cost (Only 200 EUR) It is because this vacuum cleaner comes with a lot of useful features and functionalities. One of the most amazing things about this vacuum cleaner apart from being compatible with the mobile application is the compatibility with Amazon Alexa.

It makes operating the vacuum cleaner very easy even if you do not have the remote or your phone at hand. This vacuum cleaner works on hand floors and carpets or medium height, and it also has edge cleaning brushes for perfect cleaning of your place. For the protection and security of your belongings and the vacuum cleaner as well, this has sensors built-in.

How does the SSRA1 work?

Once you have charged the vacuum for the first time, you can send it on its merry way, and it will happily whizz around your floor (at quite some speed, I have to say) mapping the house out. Upon its return to the charging station, you’ll have a plan of the floor synced with your phone. You will notice that the cleaner moves in a linear pattern, zig-zagging across the floor as it makes easy work of dust and debris. This linear cleaning is very efficient. Significantly more-so than that of cleaners that use random or “bounce” cleaning mode. Access to the dustbin for emptying is simple, so you won’t spend much time and efforts. The mapping tech is excellent and our robot vacuum was able to clean the entire ground floor or first floor with relative ease. Obviously, it can’t do both as it is not able to go up any stairs.


The SILVERCREST SSRA1 ROBOT works really well. It is simple to set up and, thanks to its app integration and remote control, is easy to operate regardless of your experience level.

And What is most important-

It Does the job, so you don’t have to!