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The feelings of young students in Coronavirus time

Contactless Body Temperature Monitoring

Since the corona outbreak, it has become very difficult to identify those who are affected by the virus or not. To solve this issue, temperature devices are often used to measure body temperature. These devices have non-contact IR temperature sensors which can measure the body temperature without any physical contact.

Internet is in the air

Setting up a 60GHz Wi-Fi building to building bridge that has a radius of up to 500m and it is compatible with 5G too.

Easy gymnastics at home

It’s a well-known fact, that the lockdown caught everyone off guard. So during our time in lockdown we realized that if we don’t exercise at all, we will eventually gain weight. Thus we decided to produce a work-out program , which will allow us to stay in shape. Its an easy program that requires affordable equipment and can be done by anyone, regardless of their weight. This program will work out with most of the parts of the human body.

Greece video contest